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Fallcup 2017

Long shot: Mitfahrversuch von Niederlande/ Deventer


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Gutentag leute!

Mein Name ist Tom und ich kom aus Niederlande. With the SpringCup 2017 I was lucky enough to be going to Elsdorf with my local friends and participate at this LAN. Unfortunately now my friends have lost interest in the games we played here and I am not able to convince them to go for the FallCup. Unfortunately I don't have any access to a car right now, which makes it hard for me to go to the FallCup. I loved the SpringCup, and I would love to visit again, even though I have no options currently.

This is why I would like to attempt to make a versuch hier in de Mitfahrerzentrale.
I am aware that this is a long shot. But I'd rather still try:

Is there anyone who happens to be in the near of my city Deventer, who is on the route, or who is willing to make a big detour?
I am ofcourse willing to pay for the extra efforts.

Viele danke in voraus. Wir konnen besten freunden worden!
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